GetTech vs Vodafone Trade In Comparison

You’ve seen the ads pushing Vodafone’s new trade in service, but is it really the best route for you when selling your smartphone? Read our comprehensive comparison...

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Sell your tech for cash

8 Reasons to choose GetTech’s Buyback service instead of Vodafone Ireland Trade In

With a variety of options available in Ireland, trading in your device has become the new norm when upgrading your phone. It is a safer and more convenient method of selling a device and there is an added peace of mind when selling to a registered company than selling it privately. 

Customer Exclusivity

According to Vodafone’s website, in order to sell your device tos them you have to be an existing customer or be prepared to switch over to their network. This can be an unnecessary hassle if you aren’t looking to make the move. With GetTech you don’t have to make a purchase, sign up for any contracts or additional services to sell your phone. We offer a hassle free buy back program. 

Phones Only

Vodafone are currently only taking in smartphones. With our service we will buy a variety of consumer electronics like tablets, smart watches, game consoles, computers and more!

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Quote Process

Vodafone requires you to do a series of functionality tests on your device before you can get a final quote. With GetTech we have a quick and snappy process to determine the estimated trade in value meaning you can get an obligation free quote within 30 seconds! 

GetTech Sell Your Broken Or Unused Tech For Cash Fast Ireland


Shipping Flexibility 

When selling your device with Vodafone you have to take it to a DPD collection point or a select store which could be a bit out of your way. GetTech offers more flexible options like collection from your home using An Post, dropping it off at a local post office or using a DPD collection point. With an at home collection you also don’t need a printer to print off a label as your local postie will provide it for you!

Support Local 

Devices sold to Vodafone are sent to ReCommerce, a company based outside of Ireland. These devices are refurbished to be sold into the European market. If you sell your device to GetTech you will be supporting a local Irish based company. 

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Flexible Payment Options 

According to their terms of service Vodafone only pays via bank transfer if you are an existing Vodafone customer. If you are switching over to their network you need to use the money towards a purchase. With GetTech you have the option to be paid via bank transfer or PayPal and no purchase is necessary. 

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Diagnostic Tests

In order to sell your device using Vodafone’s online portal the device needs to be functional. If you are unable to do the diagnostic functionality test due to the device being broken for example you have to stop by one of their shops for assistance. With our service you can book the sale of broken phones online and we will fully test the device for you upon receiving it into our shop. 

Quote Guarantee 

According to Vodafone’s service they lock in your offer for fifteen days. After this date, the buyback value may change. GetTech will honour your estimated quote for thirty days, giving you double the amount of time to prepare the device and ship it to us. 

Sell Your Tech For Cash - Instant Quote GetTech Cork


While there are a good few differences between the two services, we’ve also noticed some similarities. 

Both services will 

  • Ensure your device gets recycled or repurposed. 
  • Not meet you in person unless you choose to go to a physical store.
  • Provide free return postage. 
  • Require the device to be unlocked to all networks. 
  • Determine the value based on the model and condition of your phone.
  • Make you a new offer if the condition of your phone differs from the evaluation submitted.
  • Securely delete all personal data on your smartphone.
  • Require Find My iPhone or similar account setups to be deactivated prior to shipping.
  • Only require the device to be sent and not the accessories or original packaging as well.

Pricing Comparison 

At GetTech we are regularly reviewing our prices against our competitors that offer similar services so that we can ensure we pay you more! Below is a price comparison* for the maximum payout available from Vodafone and GetTech.


Vodafone Trade-In

GetTech BuyBack

iPhone 8 64GB

up to €71

up to €90

iPhone X 64GB

up to €104

up to €125

iPhone XR 64GB

up to €131

up to €135

iPhone 11 64GB

up to €198

up to €260

iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB

up to €498

up to €655

iPhone 13 Pro 128GB

up to €491

up to €710

Samsung S10 128GB

up to €117

up to €130

Samsung S20 Plus 128GB

up to €176

up to €200

Huawei P30 Pro 128GB

up to €71

up to €175

Xiaomi Mi 10T

up to €84

up to €140

 * Prices accurate at the time of writing this article. Subject to change.

Why sell your phone to GetTech?

By selling your items to GetTech directly you can enjoy the perks of a secure and trustworthy service, with zero listing fees, same day payments and a quote in under 30 seconds. Not only will you be lining your pockets, but by selling your old electronics you are contributing to a circular economy and doing your bit for the environment. If it can’t be repurposed we’ll recycle it free of charge, preventing it from ending up in a landfill. 

We will properly recycle the traded in devices, strip them for parts to be reused when refurbishing or repairing devices allowing us to keep costs down and our pricing competitive. If the device is repairable we will refurbish it to be sold. This will also allow us to offer you the best deals on refurbished products on our website as our products are sold directly in the Irish market.

How to sell your phone to GetTech?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Visit, choose your device, condition and specs to receive a quote and proceed to checkout. 

After check-out, we will provide you with free post instructions. Once the item is shipped back to us we will process your trade in, run full diagnosis on your device, and make you an official offer. Once the offer is accepted the payment will be sent to you via PayPal or bank transfer. 

GetTech How To Sell Your Old Tech For Cash

Need help with your buyback? If you have any questions regarding our buyback program, start a chat in the bottom corner or email and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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