How To Sell Your Phone For More Money Today

Do you want to sell your phone after you are done using it? Find out how to ensure that you get the most money possible!
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8 Ways to Get More Money When You Sell Your Mobile Phone

Here are some great steps to take before selling your phone to ensure that you get the most money possible. See how easy it is to maximize your phone’s value today! If you are curious about what your iPhone or Samsung could be worth, check out our pricing page to learn more.

1. Keep Your Phone in Good Condition

The best way to get the most money when you sell your unwanted phone is to keep it in good condition. Ideally, your phone should be 100% fully functioning and show minimal signs of wear or scratching. Fortunately, most of the phones we see are considered “good condition.”

2. Keep Your Phone in A Working Condition

A phone with a cracked screen, faulty camera, or damaged charging port can sell for as little as 10% of the value of a fully functional phone. A high-quality phone case designed for your model can prevent much of this damage and even pay for itself when you resell your old phone.

3. Use a Screen Protector

Much of your phone’s value is the quality of the screen. Phones that are considered in good condition have very few scratches or nicks. A tempered glass screen protector is an affordable yet reliable way to ensure that your phone retains its value.

4. Use Authentic Chargers and USB Cords

Quality matters when it comes to the cords that you insert into your charging port. Cheap third-party USBs and chargers can damage your port or even destroy your phone entirely, which is why it is best to stick to cords created by your phone’s manufacturer or a reputable provider.

5. Don’t Let Your Phone Get Wet

Water, liquids, and even humidity like the steam from a shower can penetrate your phone and damage vital components. That is why it is best to keep your phone away from liquids and out of the bathroom while showering.

6. Consider an iPhone

Even though they can be more expensive upfront, iPhones tend to hold their value much than other devices. This can drastically offset the purchase price of your new phone and maximize its value when you go to resell it.

7. Before You Sell Your Phone, Be Sure to Unlock It

Unlocked phones go for substantially more money than other phones because they aren’t linked to any carrier. This means the market for these phones is much broader. All you have to do to unlock your phone is contact your carrier ahead of time and request the change.

8. Sell Your Phone to GetTech

If you want to sell your used phone, it might seem convenient to sell it back to your carrier, Apple, or CEX, depending on where you got your phone, but you shouldn’t. A reputable private buyer like the experts at GetTech can often offer you more for your phone. Check out our online pricing charts to see how much more your iPhone or Samsung could be worth when you choose the right buyer.

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Sell Your Mobile Phone Today!

Now that you know how to get the most money for your used phone, it’s time to trade it in and upgrade to a newer model. Be sure to contact the team at GetTech to find out how much your phone could be worth today!

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